Monday, October 08, 2012

Finding solutions

Forward momentum! After a long break from our renovation work, our house is getting some attention again.

( Progress)

You might recall that we spent an hefty chunk of our summer restoring a car for my brother. If you don't remember the "in progress" photo, you can see it HERE.

Results of Cam's bodywork

Not a bad trade for "free" framing and drywalling, right? Without a car rehabilitation project in the shop to soak up our evenings now, we're shifting our priorities back to the house renovation.

There's a project soon to be started that has me smiling!

In 2009 I was devouring a Canadian House & Home magazine when I came across a perfect solution for our dining room.

The article featured the renovation of House & Home design editor Cameron McNeil's residence. Is there anyone else who just can't take their eyes off that glass panel?

Our dining room has a stairwell going into the basement. I'm bent on keeping the space as open, clean and spacious looking as possible.

To avoid closing in the stairwell or installing a railing along the opening, we are having a piece of 0.5" tempered glass cut, which we'll install along the top of the half wall you see in the photo above. Tempered glass is extremely strong, and the top edge will be polished, so there are no safety issues associated with this type of installation.

Any guesses as to how many bottles of Windex I'll use annually? That's a job I'll happily take in order to achieve a look I've been dreaming of for three years!
2 comments on "Finding solutions"
  1. Que trabajo!!!. Saludos desde Chile

  2. Hi Janna,

    Don't you love it when you come across an elegant solution to a problem you've been puzzling over? It makes all that time spent poring over magazines and Pinterest worthwhile, right?

    I am a fairly recent convert to microfibers cloths. No longer using Windex at my house! I think you ought to buy yourself a nice new set (they're cheaper in the car cleaning aisle at the hardware store) as a present when the glass is installed. :)


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