Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Such fun

Confession-time. This is the part of DIY renovations I despise:

Mudding drywall. Particularly, the "tedious, messy, never-ending sanding" part. And the "fine dust everywhere" part.

If I have any renovating advice for you, don't be as cheap as we are, and hire this part out!

We're drywalling the basement, slowly but steadily moving toward our plan to paint, build a bookcase and install railings for the stairs leading down to this room.

Just for fun, here's what the basement looked like for the past year or so.

Does anyone else have a space like this? Our basement was the place to dump tools, "someday" projects ... really, anything that didn't have a permanent place to rest elsewhere.

Not any more, though! As much as I don't enjoy (to put it mildly) this stage of the project, the extra living space will be worth the effort!

4 comments on "Such fun"
  1. Yay!!!!!!! Can't wait to see it:)

  2. Good for you guys! How much fun will it be to decorate that space. Love those bamboo chairs. I've got a set almost identical to them in my living room. But I'd love even more to have a Saarinen tulip table to go with.

  3. That's exciting Jan! Looking forward to more pics! Speaking of pics - a belly shot would be sweet! ;-)

  4. So excited to see the finished product!


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