Friday, September 07, 2012

1 Year

I can hardly believe it, but today my little guy is a year old!

We celebrated his birthday a little early since my mom and two of my sisters were in town. 

 Pretty sure he liked his cake!

A little sugar and he's a happy boy! Thankfully 90% of the cake ended up on his lap and not in his mouth! It was a lot of fun to watch him destroy the cake.  Kids and adults alike were quite amused!

Anyways, a happy birthday to my sweet, sweet boy! It's been a great year watching you grow!
3 comments on "1 Year"
  1. Sweet Sweet boy! Thanks for sharing:) ADORABLE!!

  2. Love the photos Janna. Miss my sweet like sugar boy. I'm glad we were able to spend a few days together. Give him lots of hugs and kisses from Nana K. Love you all lots...Mom

  3. Precious kodak moments! Enjoy every second.
    Have a great weekend.


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