Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Repurposing furniture

Last week I had all my wisdom teeth pulled. Ick.

Worse, I made several follow-up visits due to some complications. But, it wasn't all bad, as the dental office happens to be nestled in an area of town that boasts several great thrift stores. A little retail therapy turned out to be a great distraction from my discomfort.

Here is one of my finds.

A little footstool (poorly) upholstered in old lady fabric. Nothing against old ladies (I have a long, long list of favorite senior gals), but that fabric has got to go!

I nabbed it because I really liked the solid, chunky legs.

Solid, chunky legs? A good thing? Only on babies and on this stool!

I have big plans for this piece. At first sight, I imagined reupholstering it in an updated fabric and using it as intended, to prop feet. 

But then I flipped it over, and an idea flashed though my head.

By screwing casters onto the legs, I would be able to raise the legs a few inches.
Then I could have a piece of plywood cut to size, top it with foam, upholster it and (maybe) add tufting for a custom piece of furniture.
via pinterest
With our little guy soon to be crawling and then walking (running!) around, I love the idea of furniture without hard or sharp edges!

The other option would be to make it narrow and use it as a bench in the entry or place it at the foot of the bed.

Looks like my upholstery projects are starting to pile up!

Any of you enjoy thrifting and repurposing your finds? Please share!
2 comments on "Repurposing furniture"
  1. Sweet find Janna. I do love the chunky legs ( and love the little chunky legs comment, made me laugh!) I do not have any thift finds yet, but one of these days I will, and I'll be sure to share with you!!

  2. I love re-vamping old furniture with new upholstry!!! such a great fix!!

    love K


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