Monday, June 11, 2012

On Hold

Once again, this little blog has been put on the backburner.  So has our house. 

Here's why:
A few years ago, an exchange was made between Cameron and my brother, Phil.

Framing our addition.  Read more HERE.

Phil installing drywall in the addition's basement. Read more HERE.

My brother came in 2010 and helped frame our addition, then made a second visit last year to install the drywall. 

Cam's part of the deal? In return he's painting my brother's 1990 Mustang.

Of course I end up involved in these car projects, so it leaves little time for anything else around here. You can read about/see the last car we restored HERE, if interested.

So that's what we're up to these days. I do have a few little things to share later this week ...  some thrifted finds and a little progress on my chair project.  Thanks for hanging in with me!
3 comments on "On Hold"
  1. Thanks for letting us know why you have been so quiet:) We want to see a pic of Phil's car done too:) Miss you!

  2. Yes - want to see a pic of the car when it's finished! Looking forward to seeing ur chair progress too!


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