Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Being inspired

Isn't it great when something inspires you enough to actually start into a project?

I recently came across an amazing upholstery company called Chairloom, and occasionally (OK, rather frequently) I browse their before and after pictures on Facebook or Pinterest. I'm especially intrigued with their fabric choices. They have completely transformed so many pieces that were either in very sad shape or in dire need of an update.

Some of my favorite items from Chairloom:

Amazing right?

So, you ask, how has it inspired me?

After storing this roadside find in our basement for months, I finally went to work on it. I've been avoiding it for good reason: the "ewww" factor!

In full armor (mask and gloves) I first attacked it with the vacuum to remove the cat hair and found a few "treasures" tucked in the seat.

A cigarette butt, soy sauce and a dogtag necklace. Say it with me: Ewww!

I forged ahead, undaunted.

Let's just say whoever built this chair was not shy about using staples. There are hundreds of them!

I was thrilled to find that underneath all those layers of "horrid" there is actually a well-made frame, which makes for a sturdy chair.

There will definitely be challenges ahead with this project: mastering the welting on curves, for one. Replacing all the batting, too, since it's musty and smelly. (Imagine that!)

However, the fun part will be finding a fabric that suits the lines of the chair and the style of our home.  And I'm excited to try one technique from Chairloom: instead of painting or staining the legs, I'll sand the wood down to its natural finish and leave it alone, achieving a modern look on a traditional chair. You can see this effect in the few Chairloom pieces I shared above.

I'll be back with a progress report and maybe some fabric options soon so that you may weigh in if you'd like. But now I'm wondering where have you found inspiration recently. What has nudged you to take on a challenge?
6 comments on "Being inspired"
  1. You go girl! I love the pics of the Bergeres in the Quadrille fabric - they kill me. In fact, the pair would look awfully good in my house :)


  2. So how will you protect the wood from going bad after sanding it? I always thought Poly and or what ever was for the protection of the wood, or am I mistaken? Can't wait to see it.

    A lot to learn down here in Zac.

  3. Janna, you are one brave mama. I've been wanting to take up a project like this for a while...but have been too scared. Maybe I'll find some time this summer to tackle it. I'll lean on you for some tips :) At the risk of sounding cheesy, you have inspired me and nudged me to take on the challenge! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  4. What amazing transformations! It's truly incredible how reupholstering a chair with new fabric can completely change the vibe. I just found your blog and I love it! It's gorgeous and I am excited to be your newest follower. :)

  5. Fantastic...i was very much into this when i started blogging. Not so much now that i live in an apt.. :)

  6. Excited to see the final product
    Just wanted to let you know that the link to Chairloom took me to a makeup artist!


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