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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

wedding decor!

Last week our basement morphed into a temporary flower shop!

(Yes, that's my pulled apart chair project lurking in the background!)

I had so much fun decorating and arranging all the flowers for my cousin Alicyn's wedding on Saturday. You may recall seeing the inspiration boards I posted HERE with our color scheme of white, yellow and grey. Here's how it all went down:

What a cute couple they are! And what a blast to work with such a laid back bride on a beautiful day, surrounded by friends and family. All the best to the newlyweds!
Monday, May 14, 2012

fabric choices

This chair is almost ready for new fabric! A few staples still need to be pulled, the legs need sanding (more about that HERE) and a layer of fresh (clean!) batting will be put down before. Then, the fun begins! 

But here's the question: Use fabric I already own or look for something new? There are so many amazing options out there at reasonable prices that it's hard to decide.

I raided my little fabric stash the other day and pulled out two pieces that should be large enough for this project.

Option 1: Black and white Greek key.

Or Option 2: Fun blue-green cane print.

I had plans to use the above fabric as a roman shade in our kitchen, but this chair has me rethinking that idea.

Can you help me decide? Option 1 or 2? Or find something else that I love? I'm so interested in hearing your thoughts!
Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Being inspired

Isn't it great when something inspires you enough to actually start into a project?

I recently came across an amazing upholstery company called Chairloom, and occasionally (OK, rather frequently) I browse their before and after pictures on Facebook or Pinterest. I'm especially intrigued with their fabric choices. They have completely transformed so many pieces that were either in very sad shape or in dire need of an update.

Some of my favorite items from Chairloom:

Amazing right?

So, you ask, how has it inspired me?

After storing this roadside find in our basement for months, I finally went to work on it. I've been avoiding it for good reason: the "ewww" factor!

In full armor (mask and gloves) I first attacked it with the vacuum to remove the cat hair and found a few "treasures" tucked in the seat.

A cigarette butt, soy sauce and a dogtag necklace. Say it with me: Ewww!

I forged ahead, undaunted.

Let's just say whoever built this chair was not shy about using staples. There are hundreds of them!

I was thrilled to find that underneath all those layers of "horrid" there is actually a well-made frame, which makes for a sturdy chair.

There will definitely be challenges ahead with this project: mastering the welting on curves, for one. Replacing all the batting, too, since it's musty and smelly. (Imagine that!)

However, the fun part will be finding a fabric that suits the lines of the chair and the style of our home.  And I'm excited to try one technique from Chairloom: instead of painting or staining the legs, I'll sand the wood down to its natural finish and leave it alone, achieving a modern look on a traditional chair. You can see this effect in the few Chairloom pieces I shared above.

I'll be back with a progress report and maybe some fabric options soon so that you may weigh in if you'd like. But now I'm wondering where have you found inspiration recently. What has nudged you to take on a challenge?
Thursday, May 03, 2012

Staircase reveal!

January.  That's when I started scraping away at the stairs. Did it really take us four months to finish them?

I guess so.

After months of hard work, we have this!

It's so nice to have this project finally completed! I'll bask in the accomplishment and try not to think about how these photos also highlight the fact that we still have plywood for floors, we have yet to paint the interior doors and we have a lot of trim to install throughout the house.

I dug up an old picture (taken by the realtor) that Cameron sent me when he was first considering the house. Yes, way back when we were dating, when I had no clue about what we were getting into when we made an offer!

It's hard to see in this low quality photo, but the "undesirables" included moldy, stained carpet, cracked plaster walls, a hideous yellow closet, a random cable poking out of the wall and paint splattered all over the spindles. Somehow we were able to see past it all, knowing there was potential!