Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Open Shelving

See the two floating shelves in our (not quite finished) kitchen?

While my little guy was napping yesterday, I decided it was about time that blank space was filled in!

Not wanting to spend any money on this project, I "shopped" my cupboards for things I had on hand.

It's fun to have a little spot to arrange and rearrange as I please! While this arrangement works for now, there are a few things that I wouldn't mind adding to the shelves someday.

These bowls from West Elm have been on my mind for some time now!

West Elm Modernist Bowls
In the mornings, Cam and I tend to hang out at the counter while eating breakfast and drinking coffee, so these shelves would be a convenient place for a stack of colorful bowls.

Is it strange to read cookbooks like they're a novel? Because I do!
A few that I would love to add to my collection:

Jamie Oliver

Barefoot Contessa 

Barefoot Contessa

For now, I'm happy with having a few things on display in my kitchen. It makes the room feel a little more finished!
8 comments on "Open Shelving"
  1. LOVE your kitchen! The counters, everything! Those shelves are perfect.
    Great job!

  2. I've been eyeing those bowls & mugs from West Elm too... love them. I made it down to our Toronto store last week - bought my curtains you recommended!! :D I will definitely be visiting there again (yikes!)...
    My friend as a number of Barefoot Contessa cookbooks - very fun to read!
    Love your kitchen :)

  3. It looks great Janna! You are so awesome and I'm glad to see everything coming along! It is so much fun for the rest of us to watch. can't wait for more!

    miss ya!
    Leah Blue

  4. Beautiful! I was inspired by your open shelving and Jimmied up something of my own. It certainly doesn't look as impressive as yours, but it will do! I love that i'll be able to switch things around and change up the design on a whim. Keep it up!

  5. I can't even begin to tell you what those black and white cabinets are doing to my world right now!! So. Freakin. Beautiful. That is all!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a few kind comments! Appreciate it and glad you like our kitchen!

    2. Did you know your kitchen is for sale on cragslist through american standards or at least they are using your photo to scam people out of $199.99

    3. Thanks for letting me know. I'm on it!


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