Wednesday, April 04, 2012

What's not to love?

If I could cut and paste a room right into our house right now, this would be the one.

While in Canada last week, I treated myself to a few of my favorite glossy (Canadian!) magazines. I found myself drawn to this spread in Style At Home featuring designer Meredith Heron's home.

There is just so much to like about it!

What makes this space perfect? A few things stand out:
-A mix of furniture styles: Mid-century chairs next to a traditional sofa and stools.
-The limited color palate: Neutrals allow the navy and coral accent colors to stand out, without competing.
-Layers of pattern: Using fabrics with both large and small scale prints make the room come together.

The master bedroom is equally stunning with the dark walls and pretty accents.

So pretty! It's almost tempting me to try painting our master bedroom a rich dark color like this. It has yet to be painted at all. Would you? What do you love (or not) about these rooms?

What's inspiring you these days?
2 comments on "What's not to love?"
  1. I'm dying to have a black or dark charcoal (obsidian) bedroom. Due to lack of natural light, my space cant handle it. But I think they are WONDERFUL. kuddos to meridith!


    1. Meredith Herron is a superstar, I love her interiors. And I think Canadian House & Home is one of the best shelter magazines out there! Always a great issue, I keep them rather than cutting them up like I do American ones.


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