Thursday, April 12, 2012

the best

Painting happens frequently around our house, so I can say with experience that Purdy brushes are my favorite! They're the only ones I'll use when cutting in on our walls.

To be frank, they are not cheap. However, if you take good care of them, they will last a really long time.

If you have a large volume of painting to do, or if you're looking for a tool to make the job easier, invest in a couple of these brushes. For cutting in, a nylon/polyester 2 or 2.5 inch brush width works well. I also like the 1.5 inch brush for tight spots. Be aware that certain brushes are intended to be used with particular types of paint.

Here are links to brushes for oil, latex, or both paint types:
-Oil based paints (enamels, stains & varnishes)
-Latex paints
-Oil & latex

Want to know how to make your brush last?  Here are a couple tips:
(Note: these tips are for working with water based paint only. Other paints require different cleaning supplies and procedures.)

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4 comments on "the best"
  1. soooo basically you're saying I do it all wrong:P My FAVORITE brush ever is the purdy cub- It's got a really short handle and is great for cutting in. I think mine is a 1.5 or 2"? Only the last inch of the bristle's are usable now as I've let paint cake on it waaaay too many times. I'll have to try the soap method when I cave and get a replacement:)

  2. I love the Purdy Cub brush, too- can't live without it! Great tips, never heard of the soap trick. When the paint gets up near the handle, it never comes out! great !

  3. Great tips! I am going to be painting pretty much every room in our house soon so these will come in very handy!

  4. I could definitely benefit from these tips, especially the Dawn one. However hard I try, I can't get a paint brush clean and end up throwing them out. What a waste of money :(


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