Thursday, March 22, 2012


After living with white primer on all our walls for so long, color of any sort seems drastic to me.

While I was out of town on Saturday, Cameron started painting the walls in the stairwell with Benjamin Moore's Grey Cashmere. 

These walls were first on the list because we had to temporarily remove the light fixture that would be in the way while we worked (Plus, it needed a good cleaning!).

My reaction at first sight was something close to panic. Had I gotten it all wrong? The color seemed too dark, too green, too everything.

Cameron, in his cool, calm way advised me to leave it for a few days. (Ironically, this is what I would tell any client in a similar situation). Repainting is not the end of the world, after all. It's just paint.

He even mixed it 1:1 with white and we tested it on a few walls for comparison.

In the end, Cam was right. The original color grew on me. It's not too dark, especially with the natural light that sweeps the rooms, and I like the blue and green tones that appear in various lighting.

Further, I had to remind myself that with the addition of trim, flooring, furniture and the like (such novel concepts to me still!), the paint will no longer be the only thing I see.

So, Grey Cashmere it is for the stairwell and upstairs hallway. We'll also pull it down into the living room.

To keep the downstairs cohesive, I plan to use another color in the same range.

Hopefully, my reaction will be nothing but positive when we paint the rest of the space!

I'm 100% sure I'm not the only one who has hit the panic button over a new wall color. Who else has had this experience? Did you repaint or let it grow on you? I'd love to hear your story!
7 comments on "Yikes!"
  1. Janna - it looks BEAUTIFUL! The kind of light and airy a paint that color should be. Great job Cam :)


  2. haha:) we just painted the baby room and it's the first room in the entire house where we actually liked it right away! hopefully it stays that way (benjamin moore grey owl) angelina

  3. Janna, it looks so good! I'm sure you love being in the finishing much fun! The stair case is gorgeous, I was just showing Rob your walnut spindles.

  4. I love it Jan!! Yay for paint on ur walls!!!!! When we painted our downstairs bathroom I loved it from the beginning BUT every other room we have painted I have experienced the panic and second guessed my paint choices!

  5. It looks spectacular!!! I love it...good choice. And a sneak peak of your railings looks awesome, I cannot wait for the total reveal. It is obvious you took your time, and put a lot of love in that project. It reflects you and your good taste and hard work ! You're amazing!

  6. Janna...I am loving the gray cashmere and kudos to your husband for calming your fears.......:}
    I LOVE your new kitchen.....and would be delighted to have everything in it especially the navy blue cabinets and the beautiful granite!!! Thanks for sharing with me!!!


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