Friday, March 09, 2012

It's coming together. Very, very slowly.

Last night we stayed up way past our bedtime to work on the stairs. 

As you can see, we managed to get a coat of tinted polyurethane on all the spindles (28 of them!) and the pieces that stack together to make up the bottom post of our banister. This was likely the easiest and most enjoyable part of our staircase project!

We used a one step stain and polyurethane product from Minwax in Satin Antique Walnut. If you do some research you'll find a variety of recommendations, along with some very opinionated suggestions for finishing walnut.

This product and method worked well for us. It was quick and easy, with very little mess to deal with. My kind of project!

The best part? I love the results!

Remember what they looked like before?  Pretty beat up, with paint slopped all over them, thanks to the previous owners.

Now they look as good as new!

The rest of the project? Not so fun. Let just say my hands have taken a beating, are starting to blister, and I've come close to a complete meltdown more then once.

(I'll explain later why we cut back the OSB floor that you see here)
Anyway, Cameron was able to spray a few coats of primer on the stairs this week. 

Which was good. And bad.

Good, because we're that much closer to being finished.

Bad, because a coat of primer highlights every dent, scratch, nail and staple hole in the stairs. And there are alot of them.

I thought I could live with it and go for the rustic, it's-a-hundred-years-old look.

After living with it for a day, I changed my mind and pulled out the wood filler.

Which explains why my hands are a mess!

The goal is to get as much done as we can this weekend (that's obvious, right?). 
I'm sure it won't be completely finished by Monday - that would be wishful thinking!

Have a great weekend. Try to have some fun for us!
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  1. Wow! Looks amazing already,Jan! I don't know how u manage to get so much done - glad Talmadge is a good and content little guy! xo

  2. WOW Janna the staris are looking great!! the spindles are like brand new:) your house is amazing, so much work but so rewarding!!! keep going, the end results will be so exciting!!! thanks for keeping us updated!!! xoxo Heidi

  3. Wow Janna, One step closer to finishing(no pun intended)and it's looking great. It is going to be beautiful when your finished. Loves and snuggles to sweet Talmadge. Love you

  4. WOW the spindles look AMAZING, you will be glad you went for the extra work and did not go rustic, it just is not you! Can't wait to see it done!! LOVE it so far!!

  5. Wow, what a labor of love. It will look amazing when you are done....and I think you'll be glad you did the extra step. It is amazing how paint highlights the imperfections, isn't it. I am finding that around my house where there were lots of them!

  6. I'm fascinated by your staircase project because we're going to have to attempt something similar in the next year or so. Our staircase is beaten to hell. Was there a reason you decided to pull all the spindles out? I'm really hoping we won't have to do that. It looks like a ton of work!


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