Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mixing metals

Remember when your purse had to match your shoes?

It's often the same thing when it comes to interiors. Your metals must match, right?
Chrome, oil rubbed bronze, brass or brushed nickel: choose a finish and stick to it.
Or, does it work to break this rule?
Notice the mix here: Chrome faucet, brushed nickel brackets, oil rubbed bronze pendant, antique brass pulls, stainless steel appliances. I think the results are stunning! It got me thinking, could I pull this off in our kitchen? 

As you can see, we still need to find hardware to replace the blue tape "pulls", add a light fixture above the sink, buy a dishwasher, tile the backsplash...OK, there's still a lot to do, but I'm seriously considering mixing things up and using an antiqued brass pull on the cabinets. 

When I say "seriously considering", that means I sourced a few I liked, added up the cost and mentioned the idea to Cameron.

Let's just say he raised an eyebrow to that plan.

So, I am curious: what's your reaction to this concept? Do you think I'm crazy, too?
11 comments on "Mixing metals"
  1. You already think I am TOO matchy matchy, so I will sit this one out. Did he raise the eyebrows at the mixing it up or the price?? Just wondering:):)

  2. Replies
    1. I am a matchy person too, Janna, but what you do always looks stunning so I think you can pull it off ( after the eyebrows get lowered). :0)

  3. I think you should mix it up Janna. You have a great way with that.

  4. Love seeing the pictures of Talmadge too!

  5. Without hestiation - mix it up! I'm *loving* that brass handle you pictured there. I've had brass handles on my mind for a while just waiting on somewhere to put them! DO IT! It will look gorgeous!

  6. I like unexpected details. Too much matching is boring. Good luck with the eyebrows

  7. We definitely have the mismatched metals going on in our house! It certainly wasn't planned (you take what clearance gives you) but we're happy with it.

  8. Mix it up for sure!! It will look fab!

  9. I'm waaaaay late to this party but im voting for mix it up! This is a debate in my house right now as well. We have the modern Lansa hardware from Ikea on our cabinetry currently. I've really, really, really been considering rub n buffing the lower handles gold. After I saw the same inspiration picture months ago I just keep going back to it. Our kitchen also has white uppers and grey lowers as well.

  10. Just found your blog through Modern Jane and I must say I love how your kitchen is coming together. I'm sure it's much too late but I love the brass pulls. I'm your newest Follower :)


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