Monday, January 23, 2012


You could say it's an addiction. My rapidly growing collection of chairs is almost getting out of hand. Just ask Cameron how many bentwood chairs are stacked in our basement, waiting to be repaired. They are housed beside my upholstery projects, my fiberglass Eames chairs, on.

Well, I just added two more chairs!

It's just too difficult to walk away from a well designed chair. Especially if it's a good deal or free, say, from the curb or dumpster!

I picked these up from Goodwill on Friday. Yes, I braved the cold and snow to do some thrifting! At $12.38 (not $12.50 or $12.99), they were a pretty good deal.  And, they're in awesome condition! I could leave the upholstery as its, but grey tweed + bamboo? Not the best mix.

I'm crazy about the shape of these chairs and that I found them as a pair. I have yet to decide where they'll go and whether or not I'll paint them when I reupholster them.

In the mean time, a few images of bamboo furniture done right!

All images via Pinterest

Leave them natural or hit them with a can of spray paint? What's your preference?

Speaking of painting furniture, check out this post HERE by Emily.  Apparently, some think this "trend" needs to be over.

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3 comments on "Thrifting!"
  1. Janna! I love reading your posts. Can't wait to see what you do with these chairs. I'm sure they will be just as stunning as your last one. Keep up the great work!

  2. I'm really inspired by the way that you amazing people can spruce up a formerly hideous piece of furniture and make it look awesome. So my vote is that the painting continues, rather than resign an otherwise useable piece to the landfill. I just wish I had the talent...


  3. IDK, about those pictures of the painted bamboo, I kinda like o'naturál ones better, but just my opinion, as you know my sense of style is VERY limited, but yours is AWESOME, so I can't wait to see them either:)


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