Thursday, January 05, 2012

Closet space

I think everyone has one of those rooms, or at least a spot in their house where stuff just gets tossed and piles grow.  Ours is the little closet under our stairs. 

What a mess! I'm pulling everything out today so we can finish mudding and make it into usable space.

I wish it were a little larger so I could try to convince Cam to turn it into something like this:

Via Little Green Notebook (my fav. house tour!)
As fun as a little tucked-in playroom would be, we need as much storage as possible, so I've been digging around the web looking for organizing ideas to use.  A few I like:



Just some random ideas for now. Anything would be better than the state it is in right now!
1 comment on "Closet space"
  1. oh my gosh - i wish i had the time and resources to paper my hall coat closet like that last pic - WHAT AN IMPACT!!



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