Monday, January 09, 2012

Weekend projects

Happy Monday!

Here's a recap of our weekend. While Cameron was adding a second coat of mud to the closet I mentioned HERE, I started scraping away at the stairs. 

They're covered in pretty thick layers of paint and varnish which means I got well acquainted with my heat gun and a knife. What a messy, tedious job!

One thing led to another, and we just decided to tackle the whole area!

This house has had mutliple owners (it has been around since 1890!), so it's easy to spot where they've tried to fix or improve things and sometimes (usually!) made it worse.

This is the trim in the stairwell, the view coming down the stairs.  It's a little chewed up. You may also notice that the ceiling is now lower then the trim. That's due to a few layers of lath, plaster and drywall.

Cameron came up with a good solution and cut back the top layer of drywall where he screwed in a bevelled piece of trim that he can blend in with mud.
Does that make any sense? Likely not. Maybe some pictures will help.

Drywall cut back a few inches.

Trim piece added.

First layer of mud.
There's still plenty of scraping and sanding still to do, but the grand plan is to paint the tread and risers, leaving the banister its natural color. It's made from black walnut and is original to the house, which makes it over 100 years old! After the stairs are done and the ceiling and trim is repaired, we are going to start painting the walls! I've been looking at white primer for way too long, so I can hardly wait to pick out colors!
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  1. Those stairs are so cool, can't wait to see them all done, also looking forward to see your color choices, you always pick things that I would never even think of, but they always looks AWESOME!!


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