Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bolster Pillows

I'm pretty sure Cameron would be "thrilled" if I caught on to the idea of bolster pillows, seeing as he's already less-than-excited about all my decorative pillows! My arguments that they add color, pattern and texture so far have fallen on deaf ears.

But this shot from a Southern Living magazine just won't leave my head. Bolsters are definitely on my list of items to sew as soon as we start decorating our house.

Southern Living
Look at the the impact a single, large pillow has.

Little Green Notebook
Do you care for this look? Or do you prefer the mix of a couple pillows?

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6 comments on "Bolster Pillows"
  1. I love how effortless bolsters are. My husband would be thrilled if I stopped collecting toss pillows, too!

  2. Fabulous idea Janna. I'll be looking for some fabric in the discount section to make one for our bedroom! Thanks for another great post!

  3. I love accent pillows! I have a large body pillow that never gets used. Thanks for the inspiration! The only problem I have with pillows is that they are constantly on the floor (kids!), and I'm forever picking them up and putting them back on the couch. :o) ~Suzy


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