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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bathroom plans

This week started out with a trip to Des Moines for some shopping. A client/friend and I were able to stop in at World Market and both came out with some goodies. I had looked online at World Market a few times but because of distance, hadn't had a chance to visit in person. A few things for my bathroom made it home with me and helped pull together a color scheme. 

Here's a sample board of some of the things I bought, along with ideas to be incorporated.  You can see most of the colors I plan to use were pulled from the new towels.

Both the bathmat (I love that it's round!) and the towels are from World Market. You can find them HERE and HERE in various colors.

A light blue paint color would look nice on one of the walls (or maybe the ceiling) to brighten things up. Then I need to find some yellow accessories and some sort of shelf for storage and display. A light fixture needs to be installed above the sink, so I've been browsing one of my favorite sites, to find one.

In the long run, the pedestal sink we have needs to be replaced with a vanity that offers some much needed storage. I'm also trying to convince Cam that a new tub is needed. We should have removed it when we started renovating, but figured we could live with it. Bad idea! Whoever installed it did a horrible job. The faucet is placed so high that water splashes and runs all over making a mess. That and some scratches and minor cracks makes it a candidate for a replacement.  I would love to have a new tub and tile the walls instead of the surround that we have now. It won't happen for a while, if ever, but I can still hope...
Thursday, April 07, 2011


Have you seen West Elm's new line of kitchen items? It's great that most of these pieces are under $10.00!
Some of my favorites:

Modernist Bowls and Mugs
Sunshine Tea Towel

Pop Color Measuring Cups

Porcelain Salt and Pepper Shakers

Mediterranean Parfait Cups
 I don't limit pretty bowls and mugs to just food use. They come in handy for storing or displaying everyday items. Keeping a dish on the secretary inside our front door is the perfect place to throw keys, smaller bowls hold paper clips and push pins in my office. Coffee mugs keep pens and pencils together, or once in a while, display a few fresh flowers.
Wednesday, April 06, 2011

powder room

It's usually hard for me to walk away from a clearance item (at least decor related ones), even if I don't have an immediate use for it. A perfect example: I crossed paths with this wallpaper at least 3 years ago. At $9.00/double roll, it needed to come home with me. Good thing, because it's about to be put to use.

Shand Kydd Whitehaven
 My sister-in-law has been redecorating and wanted ideas for a small powder room on their main floor. She tends to be drawn to warmer colors and has painted adjacent rooms with deep reds, tans and golden yellow.  When I brought this roll of wallpaper over, we both agreed it would be just what the room needed. 

One wall will be treated to this bold, oversized floral paper. The rest of the room, a fresh coat of paint. Most likely a shade of tan pulled from the metallic accents in the paper. 
We're also looking for a mirror with an interesting frame so we can paint it to coordinate with the new color scheme.  A few accent pieces-towels, candles, art, etc. and it's done!

While going over our plan, we talked about those decorating "rules" that many try to adhere to.
Painting a small space a bold or dark color is a common one. So is the myth that all wallpaper is outdated.  Here's a project where both those rules are being tossed, and I think the results are going to be awesome.

Keep and eye out for the before and after!
Friday, April 01, 2011
Way back in October I posted about a set of dining room chairs that needed a makeover.  You can read about that post HERE.

This week I got around to working on them. Finally. 
So far they have been lightly sanded and coated twice with primer.

Sherwin William's Adhesion Primer is living up to it's reputation.  I was worried that the dark stain would bleed though.  While it did show though after the first coat was applied, the second coat did the trick.

Using a regular paint brush with this project didn't cut it. It resulted in the fun task of sanding out brush marks and lots of paint drips.

The solution? A couple of cheap foam brushes.  For 50 cents, they work wonders.

Once all of the chairs are primed, they'll be painted a light cream color.  I'm also considering experimenting with glaze, since these chairs have seen some wear and tear with their age.  Maybe it will enhance their "character".  I have yet to try glazing anything, so if you have any advice, I'm all ears!