Wednesday, November 02, 2011

window shopping

I just came across this print HERE (from Zulily) and I think it's adorable! Although I am Canadian, I'd have to say Iowa is now home.

This would look great in little Talmadge's bedroom, that is, when he actually has his own room. Ever so slowly I've been collecting items to decorate his room (I'd say nursery, but he may be too old for that by time it happens). The vintage look of this print would fit right in!

Are you online shopper? I am, for three reasons: convenience, prices and selection. Have you tried online sites that offer daily deals? A few of my favorites for finding either kid/baby items or house decor are listed below. (baby/kid/maternity items) (home decor, cooking items, clothing)
For kids there's "Little Rue" events. (home decor, clothing, kids items) (home decor, cooking items and sometimes things for little ones) (home decor)

You can sign up as a member (free) and then shop from these sites. I usually check the emails they send to see if there is anything that interests me to save time. Happy shopping!
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