Thursday, November 17, 2011

Swooning over...

Already a fan of the lighting fixtures made by School House Electric, I was excited when a catalogue featuring their new line of furniture, textiles and housewares showed up in my mailbox this morning. It was filled with warm and cozy images-perfect for this time of year.

School House Electric & Supply Co
A perfect mix of rustic, vintage and industrial pieces.

School House Electric & Supply Co
I think I want to attempt making those ottomans. Using some upholstery webbing, it looks doable!

School House Electric & Supply Co
Pretty and feminine! Loving the gallery wall behind the bed and the herringbone throw.

These are high-quality, made-to-last investment pieces, which the prices reflect.

A few more things...

The colors in this print are awesome! Succulents are one of my favorite plants.

School House Electric Clock
Not in this girl's budget, but that yellow!! So fun.

Plenty to look at and worth browsing, I think! Any pieces in School House Electric's collection that you love?
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  1. The two beds are similar--I found two of the twin-sized metal "camp" beds (someone bought them from an old summer camp that was closing) for $100/2. I spray painted them the same color as the one in the top pic, and put them in the basement bedroom suite, in preparation for the time whe I have grandchildren come visit. (so far, the only ones who have shown up are of the feline variety.)


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