Monday, October 17, 2011

Exterior update continued

For the longest time, people have asked us when we are planning to move into our house. I supposed it's reasonable for some to assume that we wouldn't live in it yet, so I am always amused by the looks I get when I tell them we've lived in it for 3 + years now.  Rustic is nice, right?

But the "rustic" look is on its way out! The siding continues to go up and you can see the new pergola and canopy that Cameron built.

We used red cedar wood for the pergola and canopy, topped with cedar shakes.  Now I need to find a hanging light fixture, house numbers and a new mail box to complete the look.

The front door was recently replaced since the previous one was pretty beat up and didn't seal properly. I'm itching to paint this one but have been reminded it's not a priority right now.

So, until it is, I've been saving images of colors I like on Pinterest.  You can follow me or see them HERE if you like.  What color would you choose for a welcoming front door?

2 comments on "Exterior update continued"
  1. Wow! Looks amazing! I love the color of the siding. Great job on pergola and canopy, Cam!


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