Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Exterior lighting

We've been on the hunt for exterior light fixtures recently. They can be pretty pricey, especially when you need them to be fairly large to get the scale right.

Two fixtures will be installed on the back of the house. Eventually we'll build a deck in front of the French doors and windows seen below. 

Here are a few that we considered and the one that I think we've narrowed it down to:

This one is by far my favorite! Way out of our price range, considering we need two.

This would be my pick and I especially love that it's green, but Cameron's not a fan of the piecrust "ruffle".


This is what they call compromise! It seems to be the one we can both agree on. Which is your favorite?
5 comments on "Exterior lighting"
  1. I love love love your home... It must be amazing to neighbors how you are transforming that house! It looks amazing - I love seeing the incredible progress!

  2. Thanks Janna! It's got a long ways to go yet, but we're maing progress. The cool thing is, quite a few of our neighbours have been doing renovations too!

  3. What is Talmadges fav? Hes got to live with it too ya know.-Shy

  4. My fave is the first one, but understand all about compromise! :-)

  5. I agree w/ Cam, the green one is not my fav either;) I like the last one, the first one is WAY cool, but...........


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