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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Exterior lighting

We've been on the hunt for exterior light fixtures recently. They can be pretty pricey, especially when you need them to be fairly large to get the scale right.

Two fixtures will be installed on the back of the house. Eventually we'll build a deck in front of the French doors and windows seen below. 

Here are a few that we considered and the one that I think we've narrowed it down to:
This one is by far my favorite! Way out of our price range, considering we need two.
This would be my pick and I especially love that it's green, but Cameron's not a fan of the piecrust "ruffle".

This is what they call compromise! It seems to be the one we can both agree on. Which is your favorite?
Monday, October 17, 2011

Exterior update continued

For the longest time, people have asked us when we are planning to move into our house. I supposed it's reasonable for some to assume that we wouldn't live in it yet, so I am always amused by the looks I get when I tell them we've lived in it for 3 + years now.  Rustic is nice, right?

But the "rustic" look is on its way out! The siding continues to go up and you can see the new pergola and canopy that Cameron built.

We used red cedar wood for the pergola and canopy, topped with cedar shakes.  Now I need to find a hanging light fixture, house numbers and a new mail box to complete the look.

The front door was recently replaced since the previous one was pretty beat up and didn't seal properly. I'm itching to paint this one but have been reminded it's not a priority right now.

So, until it is, I've been saving images of colors I like on Pinterest.  You can follow me or see them HERE if you like.  What color would you choose for a welcoming front door?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Exterior update

It's hard to believe that it's been a little over a month since our little guy, Talmadge, came along! He's growing so fast!

I think it's time for me to get back to blogging, at least to update you all on things happening around our house. One thing is for sure, Talmadge is learning to sleep through all kinds of construction noises!

Our focus right now is to get the siding up before winter arrives! It's pretty tedious work! Using various sized boards and moulding, we designed the trim around the windows and doors. That required priming and painting each piece before installing. We caulked all the nail holes and joints and finished with a second coat of paint. Good thing our family and friends are willing to help!

My Dad stapling up the house wrap.

Painting some of the many soffit pieces.

My sister, Shyla (right), has an interesting sense of humor. And a pillow under her shirt.
(This was taken about 3 days before Talmadge was born.)

Piecing together the trim work.

We removed the old soffit and fascia (MESSY work! See below...) and replaced it with an engineered wood product, added moulding, then caulked and painted it as well. I am loving the results!

Dad and my brother, Ben, after removing the old soffit and fascia!

Starting to install the new soffit and fascia.

Detail shot with moulding.

Siding progress! Almost done with the back of the house.
Once the trim, soffit and fascia were installed, the siding could finally go up! What a difference it makes - almost looks like a brand new house!

And for fun, here's a reminder of what the house looked like before!

Before: Taken in 2007, after replacing the windows.

Cameron just built and installed a new canopy above the front door along with a pergola over the front lower window.  I'll share picture of it soon. You can see more "before" or "during" pictures of our exterior HERE.