Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Windows and such

I'm crossing my fingers that the guys show up as scheduled this morning to install our countertops! While it's been fun the last few weeks hauling dishes upstairs to wash in our bathroom sink, a functioning kitchen will be nice!
In the mean time, I was left with a nice size To-Do list! Tonight we want to install the transom windows we built last week, so I need to complete the last few steps to get them ready.

The stops need to be sealed in place with polyurathane and then nailed to the casing. Once that is done, the  exterior frame will be primed and painted white to match the trim that goes around it.

It'll be nice to have this completed since it's holding us back from installing the new siding and finishing the drywall in the addition.  I should have pictures of such progress in the next few days, and hopefully an update on the kitchen as well.
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