Friday, August 05, 2011

Transom Windows

While they still need to be leveled, squared and actually fastened in place, I'm happy to report that the transom windows are in! 
Master Bedroom
When Cam originally told me he planned to build them himself, I was a bit sceptical. Who builds their own windows? They turned out beautifully, and I love the extra height and light they add to the rooms.
Dining Room
There's still a cement mixer in the dining room. If it didn't weigh a ton, I would have hauled it out a long time ago. Maybe it'll happen this weekend, since we need to clear out the room so the last coat of mud and a final sanding can take place. 

View from Master Bedroom into Dining Room
Once we get to adding trim to all the windows and doors in the house, here's the plan for painting them.

You can read about those ideas in a post I wrote a while ago HERE.
2 comments on "Transom Windows"
  1. If the cement mixers not gone by the time I arrive Ill move it for ya!
    -love shy

  2. hey Janna-

    your home is going to be amazing!!!
    You have such great taste-must have been that dec. program you took :) hah!!

    The windows are gorgeous-
    Cam is so handy...lucky you...

    congrats on the pregnancy-
    I imagine the nursery will be a show-stopper-

    anyway, all the best to you both


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