Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Kitchen appliances!

While they served us well enough the last few years, I won't be too sad to see them go.

(it's filthy only because it's been sitting out waiting to be hauled away...)

That's because our old hand-me-down, make-do, temporary appliances are going to be replaced with these guys:

They're being delivered and installed this afternoon. I can hardly wait to cook on a gas range again!

We purchased them through Sears. They price match any local competitor and then give a  further 10% discount off the difference. That makes for a pretty good deal!

Will post some pictures when they're all in place!

Here are the new appliances in place!

Eventually we will instal a hood over the range and a dishwasher to the right of the sink.
Pantry wall.
3 comments on "Kitchen appliances!"
  1. Awesome!!! You must be so excited!! Can't wait to see them in your space!

  2. your kitchen is really have a greats looks and design.

  3. this honestly looks like a dream to me right now! i love what you did with that pantry. so inspired...must take measurements and get busy!


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