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Monday, August 22, 2011

Bathroom Redo!

Over the weekend, our bathroom went from this...

To this....

I guess a few of the "don't do this while pregnant rules" were broken because I did use a ladder and painted the room myself. Various family members lectured me, but I just really wanted to get this room put together! I survived, and I'm pretty sure the baby is OK too!

So you've likely noticed that there are still a few things needing to be done in this room. 
-trim needs to be installed
-a door would likely offer a little more privacy than the blanket that's hanging there now
-the tub will be replaced (someday)
-there's a serious shortage of storage
-some artwork/decor on the walls would be nice, too

And, I suppose I should have run an iron over my shower curtain before hanging it.  I hate ironing. You should see my husband's shirts! 

But, we did get the wall patched where we removed a window (I posted about this HERE), the walls repainted with SW Realist Beige, and the ceiling renewed with a coat of SW Crystal Clear. We also installed the new light fixture, and I finally got my shower curtain hung up!

Are you curious to see what this room looked like when we bought the house? It was covered with peel and stick tiles. Ceiling. Floor. Walls. Do you know how fun those are to remove? Not very.

I should mention that my mom has been here all week helping us get things ready for the baby who is due in less than two weeks! Over the next few days, I'll share some of the fun we've been having along with the other progress that went on this past weekend.
Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Kitchen appliances!

While they served us well enough the last few years, I won't be too sad to see them go.

(it's filthy only because it's been sitting out waiting to be hauled away...)

That's because our old hand-me-down, make-do, temporary appliances are going to be replaced with these guys:

They're being delivered and installed this afternoon. I can hardly wait to cook on a gas range again!

We purchased them through Sears. They price match any local competitor and then give a  further 10% discount off the difference. That makes for a pretty good deal!

Will post some pictures when they're all in place!

Here are the new appliances in place!

Eventually we will instal a hood over the range and a dishwasher to the right of the sink.
Pantry wall.
Monday, August 08, 2011

E Client Sample board

How about some fun pattern and color to kick start your week? 

One of my e-clients is kindly allowing me to share a sample board I did for her dining room.  You can see a glimpse of that room in the top right corner below. While she already has a beautiful older home, she wanted to update the traditional style and inject some color and excitement into the space. 

I'm very excited to see the results later this year as she plans to work on this space in the Fall.

If you're interested in my e-design services, email me. I'd be thrilled to help!
Friday, August 05, 2011

Transom Windows

While they still need to be leveled, squared and actually fastened in place, I'm happy to report that the transom windows are in! 
Master Bedroom
When Cam originally told me he planned to build them himself, I was a bit sceptical. Who builds their own windows? They turned out beautifully, and I love the extra height and light they add to the rooms.
Dining Room
There's still a cement mixer in the dining room. If it didn't weigh a ton, I would have hauled it out a long time ago. Maybe it'll happen this weekend, since we need to clear out the room so the last coat of mud and a final sanding can take place. 

View from Master Bedroom into Dining Room
Once we get to adding trim to all the windows and doors in the house, here's the plan for painting them.

You can read about those ideas in a post I wrote a while ago HERE.
Thursday, August 04, 2011

Kitchen update

As promised, here's a picture of the newly installed counter, sink and faucet! 

I love, love, love all of it! The counters have a bit of sparkle and shine to them which contrasts nicely with the matte finish on the cabinets.  I'm so glad we went with an extra deep (10") sink-You can hide a lot of dishes in there!  The industrial style faucet reminds me of my highschool days working with a cook at in fun restaurant and adds a modern style to the kitchen.

There are still a lot of little (and big) things left to do before we can call the kitchen finished, but I'll keep you posted as we make progress!
Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Windows and such

I'm crossing my fingers that the guys show up as scheduled this morning to install our countertops! While it's been fun the last few weeks hauling dishes upstairs to wash in our bathroom sink, a functioning kitchen will be nice!
In the mean time, I was left with a nice size To-Do list! Tonight we want to install the transom windows we built last week, so I need to complete the last few steps to get them ready.

The stops need to be sealed in place with polyurathane and then nailed to the casing. Once that is done, the  exterior frame will be primed and painted white to match the trim that goes around it.

It'll be nice to have this completed since it's holding us back from installing the new siding and finishing the drywall in the addition.  I should have pictures of such progress in the next few days, and hopefully an update on the kitchen as well.