Friday, July 29, 2011

Weekend Plans

Yesterday's post showed you a bit of a project we've been working on this last week or so.  We're hoping to finish it this weekend so we can clean up and move on to the rest of our To-Do List.

The dining room and master bedroom in the addition is pretty well lined with windows and we wanted to add transom windows above them.  The only problem with that is to purchase them the size we need is considered custom, and therefore very expensive. 

If you can see past the mess, the transom windows will go above these windows and patio door.  Yes, that's a cement mixer, miter saw and a few cupboards in my dining room!
 Since the transom windows will be fixed (don't open and close), our solution was to have a glazier cut double panes of insulated glass to the size we needed. This might be taking the DIY thing pretty far, but it's saving us a lot of money!

Now our job (or Cameron's, for the most part) is to build the casing and stops around each of these windows.

Plenty of measuring, cutting, routing, glueing, nailing, etc. left to do, but it'll be worth it when it's done! Hopefully next week I'll be able to take pictures of the finished project to share.
And just for fun, here's a (not so flattering) reflection of me that Cameron caught.  Could I get any bigger?  I still have 5 weeks of growing left to do!
2 comments on "Weekend Plans"
  1. WOWZERS, how CUTE are you? All Belly!! AWESOME, love it! AND the windows are pretty cool, Jason said, sounds like Tim!! (That is a good thing!)

  2. You look're all belly!! I was a big fatty with my first one, you look great!!


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