Monday, July 11, 2011


This week is off to a good start! Cameron and his dad stapled up the Tyvek (house wrap) so we could start putting trim up soon. Around 5 AM this morning we were awakened with severe weather sirens going off and looked out to see most of the Tyvek had been blown off.  Poor Cam, he ran out in the pouring rain and stapled it back up-only to wake up an hour later and see that the same thing happened AGAIN! Hopefully, this time it stays! How's that for a Monday?

Anyways, there should be lots of activity to write about this week. We're getting things ready for the kitchen install on Wednesday (!!!!).
 This weekend, I was pretty excited that we found and ordered a new kitchen sink.  We started out pricing an undermount, stainless steel, single bowl sink at all our local big box stores and couldn't get over how expensive they were. Most of them were in the $500.00-$1000.00 range.  Crazy.  So I did some searching on and came across this one for a fraction of the price!

I'm pretty sure we'll be getting a faucet from them too.  They have an awesome selection and you can't beat their prices!
We've been using the (gross) cast iron sink that was in the original kitchen. Here's what this sink will be replacing:

I'd call that an upgrade for sure!
Have you come across any great deals on before? Or do you have other online sources you go to for good prices and selection?
2 comments on "Upgrades!"
  1. I think you should keep your old sink...
    its alot more rustic ;)
    love shy

  2. I bought this exact sink for our kitchen! Love me some Overstock! Funny, I just mentioned it in my living room source post this morning. You will love this sink! Can't wait to see it all in place!


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