Thursday, July 28, 2011


A few pictures to give you an idea of the kind of things happening around our house. 

Keep in mind we have a baby due in five (!!!) weeks. That being said, we're scrambling to try to get some projects knocked off our to do list. 
I'm sure you can imagine the kind of "nesting" I get to do.  It usually amounts to sweeping up drywall/sawdust and shuffling lots of tools around!

All of the crown molding on the kitchen cabinets needed putty applied and sanded to fill in the corners and finishing nail holes.

We used Elmer's Wood Filler and pushed it in the spaces that needed to be filled. It's easy to do and can be smoothed over with your finger. After it dried we went over it with a find sand paper and then used tack cloth to remove the dust before painting.

Once that was done, we taped around the mouldings and hung plastic over all the upper and lower cupboards to avoid getting overspray on them.

Here's where Cam's autobody experience and tools came in handy. He used his paint gun to shoot all the mouldings, along with a couple of drawers that had a few scratches. It's really the ideal way to paint a lot of things for a nice smooth finish. 

All the cabinets were painted with a product called Catalyzed Lacquer. It's a commercial grade paint that dries to a matte finish.  Most cabinets have to be painted with a glossy finish to hold up to the wear and tear they take, but I love the modern look I get with this product.  The matte finish also helps hide nicks and scratches that are bound to happen.

Now that we finished up those touch ups, I am slowly getting things organized in the kitchen. We're told that our counters and sink will be installed next week! Then we'll have a functioning kitchen!

Here's the other project that we're working on now. Can you guess what we're up to?

I'll share the rest of this project tomorrow.  All in the name of saving money!!
2 comments on "Busy!"
  1. So looking forward to the finished kitchen! Paint sprayers speed things up so much and make a nice finish. Looks like so much progress!! YAY!!!

  2. busy busy will all be worth it!
    love u- Shy


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