Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Exterior progress and plans

It almost looks better without any siding then it did with the old siding.  It was in pretty rough shape!

We finished tearing it off and cleaning it up yesterday. Cameron wouldn't let me near the ladder.  I guess that's not allowed when you're pregnant!

Now we're hoping that the weather cooperates until we can get the new siding up.

This image below is our inspiration for the new overhang we're going to install. 


The original one we had was closed in and felt too heavy.  I like how the one here is open and that the wood brings in some warmth.  It should provide a nice contrast to our grey trim. 
We may build a pergola in front of our window as well since the direct sunlight that comes though there is so bright. This will help diffuse the light and add some dimension to the front of the house.
Still so much work to do!
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