Monday, June 13, 2011

New and improved!

You may notice that when I post anything about our house, it tends to do with either construction projects or decorating that I would like to do in the future. It doesn't make much sense to put money into decorative things until the basics are in-cabinetry, flooring, trim, doors, etc.   
Imagine my excitement when we made an exception to that this weekend!

During a quick visit to TJMAXX on Friday, I took a stroll though their lighting section and crossed paths with this deal:

A Ralph Lauren Home chandelier that retails for $470.00, marked down to $50.00!  I quickly scooped it up, put it on hold and waited until Cameron got home from work.  At that kind of price, he didn't even need any convincing. His only request was that it be installed right away to avoid having it damaged with all the renovating chaos that goes on in this house.  I didn't have a problem with that idea!

It's the perfect size for our stairwell.  The ceiling here is really high and so to get the proportions right, the light fixture needed to be pretty big. 

We also opted for a large Edison style bulb, since the regular ones would look silly in this fixture.

In the future, it would be fun to change it out with one of these from School House Electric:

Installing this light wasn't the easiest task, but we managed to get it up without any incidents. Our house was built in 1890, and you know how old houses tend to have narrow and very steep staircases!
Here's how the "ladder" was set up:

Cameron stood on the chair to hook up the wiring while I was standing on the plywood holding the fixture in place.  Not something I would recommend trying at home!

Anyways, I'm happy to have one fixture go from this:

To this:

A little improvement, wouldn't you agree?
5 comments on "New and improved!"
  1. What a deal! I would have paid full price for that, it's beautiful! I bet it's so nice to have a little bright spot among all the renovating chaos.

  2. Congrats... progress (even in the form of a light fixture) is progress :) I like the fixture :D

  3. your tjmaxx has a lighting department. nice! I love the fixture- a little old school with a twist:)


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