Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bathroom plans

This week started out with a trip to Des Moines for some shopping. A client/friend and I were able to stop in at World Market and both came out with some goodies. I had looked online at World Market a few times but because of distance, hadn't had a chance to visit in person. A few things for my bathroom made it home with me and helped pull together a color scheme. 

Here's a sample board of some of the things I bought, along with ideas to be incorporated.  You can see most of the colors I plan to use were pulled from the new towels.

Both the bathmat (I love that it's round!) and the towels are from World Market. You can find them HERE and HERE in various colors.

A light blue paint color would look nice on one of the walls (or maybe the ceiling) to brighten things up. Then I need to find some yellow accessories and some sort of shelf for storage and display. A light fixture needs to be installed above the sink, so I've been browsing one of my favorite sites, to find one.

In the long run, the pedestal sink we have needs to be replaced with a vanity that offers some much needed storage. I'm also trying to convince Cam that a new tub is needed. We should have removed it when we started renovating, but figured we could live with it. Bad idea! Whoever installed it did a horrible job. The faucet is placed so high that water splashes and runs all over making a mess. That and some scratches and minor cracks makes it a candidate for a replacement.  I would love to have a new tub and tile the walls instead of the surround that we have now. It won't happen for a while, if ever, but I can still hope...
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  1. lovely:) HAHA- we determined this week why an interior designer is ummm necessary sometimes? We painted a little bit of grey and red that we had bought for the kitchen dining room and um. WAY TOO DARK LIKE ARE WE IDIOTS. So white it is. And the white we picked looks yellow on the walls. sigh. Oh and our fan for the kitchen? It could be in my grandmothers house. the worst part is it's 3 feet from a very contemporary range hood. Shopping list: New fan. Anyway. Your bathroom looks like you've actually planned it out and thought about it and it looks like it'll look WONDERFUL:):)

  2. We can be handy at times. And saves money in the long run too. Can you return the fan? Or sell it on Craigslist? Let me know if you want help planning anything, I love doing it.

  3. I think we'll end up using in the spare room. So it's not a total loss. Plus it was one of our very on sale things. Well we have the kitchen picked out and are about to buy it..... so if that flops.... haha:):)


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