Thursday, January 06, 2011

little changes

This past summer I sewed a couple of pillows for our bed.

 Who doesn't enjoy switching things around now and then?

The best part is that I hardly spent anything. Those large trellis patterned pillows were from the Salvation Army, brand new in original package for $3.00. The felt white pillow I found in the clearance aisle at Target for a little over $3.00.

My favorite pillow, front and center, is new! I recently won it on a giveaway that Emily had on her blog. It's made by a Canadian (Yay!) company called Milk and Cookies. They have a awesome selection of pillows worth taking a look at.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Maybe this will serve as a bit of inspiration for you to make some quick and easy changes to freshen up your home for the new year. If you're in need of ideas, contact me for a consultation. I'd love to help!
3 comments on "little changes"
  1. You did quite a nice job sewing those pillows. I hear people say that it is not that hard, but I will leave it to the experts.

  2. Thanks! It is pretty simple, but I'm not sure I would consider myself an expert!

  3. Ooo i love making pillows! I definitly agree that its such a cute and easy DIY project that can totally change a space.


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