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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The fact that we're even talking about ordering cabinets has me thinking non-stop all things kitchen-related! Here are a couple of idea boards that share some of the things we want to include in our new kitchen.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Someday, I'll swallow my pride and share some pictures of what our "kitchen" looks like in its temporary state.

Those who know me best know that I love to cook almost as much as I love to decorate. So, living with temporary appliances, no dishwasher and no cupboards has been challenging to say the least. Thankfully, we're currently procuring quotes for cabinetry, so that serves as tangible hope for a REAL kitchen in the near future!

Because the plumbing, gas and electrical needed to be installed in their permanant locations when we first started to tear the house apart (3+ years ago!), I designed the layout for our little kitchen then. Perhaps surprisingly, I'm still happy my original vision. While it is and will always be a tiny kitchen (a mere 130 square feet), it is efficient with a capital E. And, I hope it will be even more so once I have cabinets and an extra few linear feet of counter space!

For now, here are a few images that have served as inspiration for my future cabinets. Notice how they all have a grey finish in common? I'm pretty stuck on this look. Dark grey lower cabinets along with white upper cabinets...what do you think?





Thursday, January 06, 2011

little changes

This past summer I sewed a couple of pillows for our bed.

 Who doesn't enjoy switching things around now and then?

The best part is that I hardly spent anything. Those large trellis patterned pillows were from the Salvation Army, brand new in original package for $3.00. The felt white pillow I found in the clearance aisle at Target for a little over $3.00.

My favorite pillow, front and center, is new! I recently won it on a giveaway that Emily had on her blog. It's made by a Canadian (Yay!) company called Milk and Cookies. They have a awesome selection of pillows worth taking a look at.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Maybe this will serve as a bit of inspiration for you to make some quick and easy changes to freshen up your home for the new year. If you're in need of ideas, contact me for a consultation. I'd love to help!
Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Thanks to everyone who took part in my fabric giveaway! I'm very excited to have new readers too!

Using the Random Number Generator, a winner was selected!

Congratulations! - Email me with your final selection of either #1 or #3 and your mailing address and I'll send the fabric to you!