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Friday, July 30, 2010

Pretty in Pink Nursery

My oldest sister Sarah had her first baby this spring, sweet little Emma! Isn't she a doll?
Since she came along about the same time my sister and her husband bought their first house, they haven't had time to set up the nursery. They came to me for some guidance since they weren't sure how to put it all together.
Sarah has always, always loved pink, so of course that's where we're starting. She also likes rooms that are elegant, feminine and little bit modern. She wanted to incorporate a damask pattern and stripes. I created this mood board for her to help define the style and give her somewhere to start. Once she puts it all together I will share the after photos!
Thursday, July 29, 2010


Here is a peak at our house. As you can see, not much has happened to the exterior yet. We removed shrubs that were overgrown and hiding the front window, replaced the windows and this summer added a new roof. I am working on a color scheme and some landscaping ideas for next summer. I can hardly wait for a new front door, siding and lots of white trim. The front stoop needs repair and a new walkway will be installed too. We removed (by hand!)a ton of limestone from the foundation when we made repairs and from the back half of the house when we added the addition. It will be reused in the landscaping, walkways and gardens when we get to that stage. So, the exterior is still an eyesore, but I think it has potential!

Down the road....

Here is an inspiration board to give you an idea of what we're planning for the exterior of the house. We have yet to nail down the exact shades we will use, but here is what we are thinking so far. Keep in mind that landscaping and accessories go a long way in pulling everything together.
Since our house is surrounded by other older houses that have been or are being restored we want something that complements them, but still makes it stand out and seem unique.
Our siding is going to be a medium shade of grey with all the trim a crisp white. It's hard to see in pictures since the whole house was painted one (ugly) color, but there is lots of trim and it's wide with interesting details. Having trim a different color from the siding with help give some contrast and definition to the house. We are going to paint our front door so that it stands out and adds character.
Painting your front door a fresh new color is a quick and easy way to give your house a face lift. Since it's a small area go a little bolder with your color - Just be sure to tie it into the rest of your exterior. Add some planters with flowers in a similar shade, an outdoor rug or welcome mat, some new accessories. If you vary the shades a little-some light, some darker or brighter it will keep it from being "too" matching and predictable but still give you a cohesive look.
Friday, July 23, 2010

House Tour

Main Floor

Well, here we have the view that greeted you inside. What a mess.
I do love the staircase though, as it is original to the house and over 100 years old.

Yuck, right? Someone lived like this? Thankfully nothing from this kitchen remains-there still isn't much of a kitchen at all, but I would rather that then this mess.
The house had a strange layout that we completely changed to make it larger and more efficient. It seemed like a maze, going from room to room to get anywhere but now it is open and brighter.

Here we are in the middle of moving walls around and straightening out the ceiling. Previous owners had removed some load bearing walls and anywhere there was a doorway they decided it would be OK to skip adding a header.
Where we could we reused any of the old lumber to build and I think I even caught my frugal, money saving, waste nothing father in law pounding some of the old nails straight and using them again.

More construction.....
The view when you are standing in the living room looking towards the back of the house. It is all drywalled now and primed. Once we paint and add trim and doors I will add more pictures.

Kids Rooms

This is a fun project that I am working on right now. This is Avril's room before we started, and here are a few photos of where we are at now. We started last year and are working in stages to complete it. It has been fun working with her-she's a bright, creative and artistic little girl who loves birds, art and collecting all kinds of things!
We made a bird silhouette for her wall and then painted her closets with the same color.
The mirrors were a gift from her grandma, so to make them less busy and work better in her room we sprayed them grey, painted and reattached just a couple of the butterflies.
The furniture is going to be rearranged to accommodate a reading area and one of the closets is going to be housing a desk and some organization for art supplies, homework and collections. In a couple of weeks we will finish up this room and then move on to her brother, Drew's room. There we are starting from scratch so I will keep you up to date with the final results of this room and some ideas I have for his.