Friday, December 03, 2010

Nature Inspired

When there is snow in the air, like today, a wonderful memory from last winter jumps clearly to mind: visiting my sister prior to her (beautiful!) wedding in Northern Ontario, Canada. Cold? Yes! But it wasn't the sub-zero temperatures that left me breathless. It was the scenery: tall spindly birch trees stretching skyward from the snow. Everywhere! Since then, I have been eager to work them into a project.

There are so many ways to bring trees to life inside four walls, and if all goes well, there is a good chance you may see them soon in a room that I've already started. For now, here are a few of my favorite takes on this nature inspired design.

Pricey wallpaper, but what a stunning effect!
By Anthropologie
An affordable wallpaper option
Availible from Sherwin Williams
Same as above, different colorway

Treating walls with this metallic and cork paper creates an illusion of birch bark
Candice Olson Dimensional Surfaces
Image via Aspiring Artistry

Sheer curtains from IKEA

Here's a stencil that would be a fun DIY project
By Cutting Edge Stencils
 How does the change in seasons inspire you and in what ways have you brought the outdoors in? Leave a comment below!
2 comments on "Nature Inspired"
  1. It makes me want to layer up in some faux fur throws, especially since our apartment is cold. But haven't done it it.

  2. Okay - This is weird - two posts in a row that we are the same in! I used the Ikea fabric as a plan b for a headboard. I love the way it turned out. (Because I too loved the pricey wallpaper - but couldn't do it for that price)


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