Wednesday, December 22, 2010

lots to do

Do you obsessively write lists? I do. Sometimes lists of lists. Why not another one?

Head to Marta Writes blog to download this cute To Do List for free. 
What a fun way to keep track of accomplishments! 

This one's for the coming year and covers some of the minor DIY projects I want to tackle.  I say minor because Cam and I have a few major ones that I really hope we are able to accomplish (think siding, kitchen installation, flooring, drywall...apparently these major items need a list of their own!).

1. Sand and paint thrifted dresser.
2. Finish mudding patched bathroom wall (we removed a window).
3. Hang new shower curtain (more about this one later).
4. Clean up and paint set of vintage Eames chairs for the office.
5. Decide on style and fabric for an upholstered headboard, and then make it happen!
6. Sew drapes for the office with some fun chevron fabric.
7. Say farewell to the bare coat of primer on various walls. Hello, color!
8. Strip the thick old paint off staircase. Do I have to?
9. Install shelves in the linen closet. (OK, this is really on Cam's list.)
10. Source art and photos to display in each room.
11. Refinish Tulip table with a coat of paint and a new top.
12. Attempt to re-cane a bentwood cafe chair (road side find).

Seems like I have my hands full, but I can't wait to make some checkmarks on this list. What's on your to-do list in the year ahead?
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  1. 12. recane a chair?? wow. I've heard that's pretty difficult! Let us know how it turns out!!! :) and have fun in Mex!


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