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Sunday, December 26, 2010


Hope all my readers had a Merry Christmas! I escaped Iowa's snowy, cold weather and am enjoying some sunshine in AZ with my family. We're all heading to Mexico tomorrow for a little vacation together.
I'll be back next week with some projects to share! In the mean time, don't forget to enter my fabric giveaway HERE.
Wednesday, December 22, 2010

lots to do

Do you obsessively write lists? I do. Sometimes lists of lists. Why not another one?

Head to Marta Writes blog to download this cute To Do List for free. 
What a fun way to keep track of accomplishments! 

This one's for the coming year and covers some of the minor DIY projects I want to tackle.  I say minor because Cam and I have a few major ones that I really hope we are able to accomplish (think siding, kitchen installation, flooring, drywall...apparently these major items need a list of their own!).

1. Sand and paint thrifted dresser.
2. Finish mudding patched bathroom wall (we removed a window).
3. Hang new shower curtain (more about this one later).
4. Clean up and paint set of vintage Eames chairs for the office.
5. Decide on style and fabric for an upholstered headboard, and then make it happen!
6. Sew drapes for the office with some fun chevron fabric.
7. Say farewell to the bare coat of primer on various walls. Hello, color!
8. Strip the thick old paint off staircase. Do I have to?
9. Install shelves in the linen closet. (OK, this is really on Cam's list.)
10. Source art and photos to display in each room.
11. Refinish Tulip table with a coat of paint and a new top.
12. Attempt to re-cane a bentwood cafe chair (road side find).

Seems like I have my hands full, but I can't wait to make some checkmarks on this list. What's on your to-do list in the year ahead?
Monday, December 20, 2010


In the spirit of the Season, I raided my stash of fabric and decided it's a good time for a giveaway!

Up for grabs are two yards of any of the following fabrics. 

Simply become a follower (if you are not already) and leave a comment telling me which is your favorite and how you would use it. For an extra entry, link to my giveaway on facebook, twitter or your blog. Leave me another comment telling me you did.

Option 1.

Option 2.

Option 3.
Option 4.

Option 5.

All fabrics are upholstery quality and large scale prints. I will ship to the US or Canada! Giveaway ends January 3, and I'll announce the winner shortly after.

Also, Jenny from Little Green Notebook kindly posted my Upholstered Chair Makeover and Tutorial. Be sure to take a look at her site! She has an awesome blog - a daily read for me!
Monday, December 06, 2010

Lucky find

I picked this piece up while out thrifting with my sister-in-law. You can be sure it made my weekend!
It's solid (even the drawers are tongue and grove oak construction), has sweet bamboo detailing that I just can't get enough of, and was the right price at $40.00.

So, you guessed right that it's already getting a makeover. Notice the missing hardware, the yucky drawer lining, and someone else's first attempt at painting?  It's all about to change! I can hardly wait to get started so that I can share the "after" pictures!
Friday, December 03, 2010

Nature Inspired

When there is snow in the air, like today, a wonderful memory from last winter jumps clearly to mind: visiting my sister prior to her (beautiful!) wedding in Northern Ontario, Canada. Cold? Yes! But it wasn't the sub-zero temperatures that left me breathless. It was the scenery: tall spindly birch trees stretching skyward from the snow. Everywhere! Since then, I have been eager to work them into a project.

There are so many ways to bring trees to life inside four walls, and if all goes well, there is a good chance you may see them soon in a room that I've already started. For now, here are a few of my favorite takes on this nature inspired design.

Pricey wallpaper, but what a stunning effect!
By Anthropologie
An affordable wallpaper option
Availible from Sherwin Williams
Same as above, different colorway

Treating walls with this metallic and cork paper creates an illusion of birch bark
Candice Olson Dimensional Surfaces
Image via Aspiring Artistry

Sheer curtains from IKEA

Here's a stencil that would be a fun DIY project
By Cutting Edge Stencils
 How does the change in seasons inspire you and in what ways have you brought the outdoors in? Leave a comment below!