Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Do you have a piece of furniture - or maybe more than one - tucked away in the far corner of your basement? Or stashed above the rafters in the garage? Perhaps it is a piece that has been in the family for years, handed down once or twice, or maybe even kept out of sheer obligation. Clearly, it just didn't suit your style when it first came to live with you, but I implore you to take a second look. Turn a creative eye to the enormous (economical) potential under that thick layer of dust!

These Duncan Phyfe dining chairs have been in my client's family for decades. While she currently uses the matching buffet, the remainder of the set has been in storage for longer than anyone cares to admit. A single "a-ha"moment two weeks ago led to these chairs being yanked back into the light of day. They are destined for a complete makeover and will soon replace an oak Amish-made set. In the grand scheme, the renewed chairs will relate better, and beautifully, to other pieces in the dining room and adjacent rooms.

Our fabric hunt was fun and fast. The beautiful wovens below from Robert Allen were a triple win: amazing complementary prints, perfect colours, and on clearance! And, as outdoor fabrics, they are moisture resistant and easy-to-clean. What else could we ask for in a dining room?

At present, the chairs reside with a local craftsman who will tighten up a few joints to make them sturdy for everyday use. Until then, my spray painting and upholstering tools stand at attention, waiting for the moment we can begin this renewal!
3 comments on "hand-me-downs"
  1. Ohh, I can't wait to see them all done:) I like them, the design of the back is neat!

  2. I can't wait either! The shield back is very classic, it'll be pretty!

  3. I love hand me downs! Like the stuff we found at Stuff? :-) I can't wait till you post about that and tell about how drawers had an accident. :-) BTW...I took pictures of those old frames we found so hopefully you can use that on a future post. :-) As always, I love your ideas (that's why I use them!).


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