Monday, September 20, 2010


Check out my find of the week:
(I'm so tempted to fill the next several lines of this post with exclamation marks!)

A friend and I stopped into a little shop, and we happened upon this lovely fabric. Isn't it awesome how a traditional print becomes bold and graphic when the scale of the design is blown up? The price was oh-so-reasonable, so I scooped up every last yard on the floor, knowing exactly where I would use it.

Although a finished dining room is a long way off, my plan is to sew this print into long drapes, trimmed in an equally bold color to frame the doors leading to the patio. If I decide to paint the door and window frames black, with the trim white, don't you think this fabric will be perfect? 

Of course, the windows and doors must come first. That shipment is due soon, and the install (yes, it's a DIY install) will begin right away. Stay tuned for photos...
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