Friday, September 10, 2010


Has anyone “been” where I am right now?

- The home office remains a work in progress.
- The fabric I selected recently has not yet miraculously sewn itself into drapes.
- I’ve started the arduous task of scraping the layers and layers of paint from the staircase.
- More than one sample board is in progress.
- I am days away from tackling a room I am looking forward to decorating.

But…what I really want to do is attempt an upholstered headboard for my own bedroom. The blank wall behind my bed is crying for something pretty, and I want to fix it, and fix it now! It’s not that I’m short on ideas…

Via Caitlin Creer Interiors
Via Amanda Nisbet Design

Via Domino
Via Massucco Warner

Via Me Oh My
Via Three Men and a Lady
Upholstered headboards are an “of-the-moment” item, albeit a great one that I intend to embrace. Of course, you will be the first know when my mission is accomplished.
2 comments on "Wishing..."
  1. So does EVERYONE just email you their comments? You said thanks for the comments, I see NONE! I like the headboard idea. Do you have a color or fabric picked for that? Can't wait to see it:):)

  2. Here's the reveal post for my headboard which I LOVE! Definitely go for it - surprisingly easy!


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