Friday, September 24, 2010


While cleaning out an old desk that will soon be vacating our home office, I came across these "old-school" clipboards. This was a classic case of function with no form, so I went about making them pretty.

I don't think I've touched Mod Podge since I was a child (when I decoupaged everything in sight), but a single coat of it, overlaid with scrapbook paper, did the trick in a few short minutes.

Holding paint chips, fabric swatches and/or anything else I feel like looking at, these clipboards add a bit of color and pattern to the wall. How about displaying photos this way? Switching them would be a snap!
6 comments on "clipart"
  1. Absolutely LOVE this! Hope you'll stop by my blog when you have time! :) Maybe share a vignette or two on fridays! :) Take care, Artie

  2. Love! Where did you find that awesome grey scrapbook paper?

  3. Thanks! I found it at a yardsale! I actually have a pretty big stack and won't use it all I'm sure....I'd be willing to share..Email me if you'd like some!


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