Monday, August 02, 2010

House Tour Continued

The second floor of our house has likely seen the most improvement and is getting closer to being finished then some other areas of the house.  We wanted some space that was livable and an escape from the mess of renovating so we worked hard to get as much done as quickly as we could.

Bathroom - Before
This room was a disaster. The entire room was covered with peel and stick tiles-walls, floor and ceiling.  They were not fun to remove either. It involved a blow dryer, pry bar, hammer and hours of scraping.  
The layout was strange too, with the sink below a window and the mirror above the toilet - How is that logical?  

Bedroom - Before
Closet - Before
Master Bedroom - Demo.
Here is the first bedroom upstairs. It is temporarily the master bedroom until the one in the addition is finished.  It is pretty well complete except for flooring, trim and doors. 

Drywalling the Master Bedroom
The second room is used as a guest room/office right now.  Once the addition is finished we will add a doorway from this room into the addition so that this will just be an office and the room in the addition will be a bedroom. 

Second Room - Before
Here's the stage where we furred out all the walls to straighten and to make room for thicker insulation. We also ran electrical and HVAC at this point.

Here's the room with a new window and drywall being added.  With it being an older home there are a lot of angled walls that add to the character, but made drywalling a challenge.
Once we have added flooring and trim and finished a few more things I will share the after pictures.
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