Friday, August 27, 2010

Home Office

The paint is drying on the walls, my dining room has turned into a wood shop and I'm swinging back and forth between fabrics for window treatments. 

Until now this second floor room was an office-storage-guest-room, but the piles of stuff were getting out of hand. It featured a seldom used bed, a bulky hand-me-down desk and just enough clutter to drive us crazy.

Our goal is to create an efficient, organized space for Cam and me to use our computers, take care of household finances, paperwork and correspondence. In addition, I crave an environment that will encourage creativity on a daily basis for Swoon! Interiors. Everything must have its place, yet my greatest need is a large area to play with samples, paint swatches, fabric and other design paraphernalia.

The drying paint is a soft neutral, Amazing Grey by Sherwin Williams, and offers a blank slate to which I will add brighter colors with curtains, a rug and fun accessories.  Here’s an inspiration board to let you know where we’re headed.

Office Inspiration Board
I clipped this photo of a vignette by Designer Lindsey Harper because it’s a great combination of the blue (I'll likely learn towards turquoise), yellow and pink accents I like. It’s a fun yet classy style, wouldn't you say?

I shouldn't really complain about the wood shop in the dining room or the continual sweeping of sawdust.  In exchange for the mess, I’ll have two great tables similar to the ones in the picture. Being both budget-conscious and resourceful, Cam put a few leftover 2x4's through the planer and built the bases, then topped them with plywood. With a few coats of glossy white lacquer, they'll be ready to go.

I have a thing for chairs, a bit of an obsession you could say, especially the classic designs. You'll hear more about that another day, but I will tell you about the original fiberglass Eames chair that I purchased from a yard sale for around $20.00! And the fiberglass knock off that Cam's Grandpa handed down to me.  They both need some cleaning, and I dream of switching the bases to the Eiffel legs. Either way, I'm excited to have a home for them.

Because I love fabric almost as much as I love chairs, I’m “going for” a bright and bold chevron print. I concede it’s trendy, but I love it and believe the trend will stay long-term – at least at my house. These are my current go-to sites for designer fabric at discount prices:,

One way to create cohesiveness in a room is to use a repeating element. Here, the X pattern found on the desk legs, bookcase sides and even the rug make them relate to each other. Applying this when choosing furniture creates interest, avoids the predictability of matching sets, and causes the eye to move around the room.

Finally, I've been scouring yard sales, second hand stores and clearance racks for items to pull the colors in the room together. These are the personal touches that make every room livable and unique.
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  1. Ok now I am excited, I cannot wait to see what you do:) I love the way you are able to be so bold in ways that SCARE me! But it looks SO COOL! Love this blog, SERIOUSLY!!!


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