Friday, August 06, 2010

Good Fortune!

So, this past week we spent our evenings building stairs in the addition from the main floor to the basement. 

Being that it was the first time the Hubby has built a set of stairs, I think he did a great job of them. Later they will be finished with hardwood treads and painted risers.

We finished up last night and decided to grab some Chinese food for a healthy late-night supper.  Ending our meal with the traditional fortune cookies, here's what we came across:

We had a pretty good laugh, since we were eating our meal while sitting on fold-up chairs, around my old beat up table from college, surrounded by tools, extension cords, scraps of wood and a lot of sawdust.  Anyone who has been in our house lately would be amused by our "luxurious surroundings"

Just had to share an example of our view while dining.  Quite pretty isn't it? 
I know TV shows and some design magazines can make it seem like renovations happen over night.  In reality, they can feel like a never ending project that takes more time, money and energy then planned. 
One thing we have learned is you have to have a sense of humor while working on something like this.  It will get you through a lot of frustrating moments. 
What about you? Have you taken on a big project? Any funny incidents? I'd love to hear them!

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  1. How about baking 6 dozen cookies and a cake for snacks on sunday while your husband tears out stairs and does framing about 4' away from you amidst a massive pile of bricks taken from the chimney that was pulled down the day before. A sense of humor is right:P


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