Monday, August 09, 2010

Fabric Finds

Well, I finally made up my mind on fabric for my upholstery project I started.  I had a hard time choosing because there are so many awesome prints available!

I found my fabric at a local shop here in Cedar Rapids, IA. It's called Pine Needles Sewing Center . If you live in the area, make sure you stop in-it is worth it.  I loved everything about the shop.  The staff was so helpful and friendly-They're interested in what you are working on and get excited about your projects too.  Their layout and selection of fabric is great and their prices are really reasonable.
(They have a sale on now-go check it out!)

Primary Fabric

Anyways, here's the plan for the chair. I'm going to upholster the cushions in the darker fabric. It's from the Joel Dewberry Ginseng Collection.

I chose it because I love the fun and fresh pattern and it will make for a great occasional chair in our room since it coordinates with the purple, grey and white color scheme. 

I was looking for a fabric that also had another accent color (yellow butterflies) to pull out and use in our room.
A fabric like this will help tie everything together.

The pattern also just hints at the asian motif which is a HUGE trend right now!

Contrasting Fabric

I'm going to face the back of the chair with this lighter fabric and use it for the piping around the cushions as well.

This is one way to add contrast and interest and also allows you to play with more fabrics!

When I'm finished I'm going to try to give you a step by step tutorial of how I upholstered the chair in case you want to try this yourself.

Designer Tips:
When looking for fabric to upholster with, keep these things in mind:

Fabric Weight: Use a heavier, thicker fabric on furniture that gets more use. A lighter, finer fabric can work well on an occasional chair and will give it a formal look.

Scale: Consider the size of print for the fabric you use when upholstering. I found it helpful to lay the fabric over the cushion to see whether a whole "repeat" of the fabric would fit across it. Sometimes the print is too big to fit on the cushion.

Another Tip...

Current Trends: If you want to incorporate a trend with out commiting or spending a lot of money, try using accents that are easy to trade out.
Add a few pillows, cover a lampshade with fabric, wallpaper or paint just one wall instead of a whole room.

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  1. Beautiful...waiting for the step by step! I should probably find a chair to practice my first (second actually) upholstery project rather than starting with the couch...yes?!

  2. I have several chairs that need a freshen up. Not sure that my couches are worth redoing...

    Will enjoy waiting for the step by step.


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