Thursday, August 12, 2010


I'm pretty sure this was the most frustrating part of our whole house.  We decided to tear off the back half of the house since there wasn't a foundation under it, so it was sinking into the ground.  Along with that it was a section of the house that had been added on and they ran the roof into the siding of the original house.  That caused ice build up in the winter and caused a lot of water damage not only to the exterior but the inside walls were mouldy and in bad shape. 

On it's Last Legs....

A Couple Tugs......


After pulling it down with the loader and cleaning it up, we started digging.

Starting Out...

It wasn't long before we ran into water.  A LOT of water.

Rising Waters...

A few things didn't go so well after that:
We got stuck, like really, really stuck. 
We had a lot of flat tires.
We ran out of room to pile the dirt/mud/clay.
Walls kept caving in..... and caving in.

Messy Work!

After doing as much work as we could with the loader, we rented a mini excavator and buried a couple sump pumps to get rid of the water.   Eventually we got to where we needed to be and built the walls as quick as we could because the dirt continued to cave in as we worked.

Trying to keep the dirt back...

We used Form A Drain and Fox Blocks for our walls.  We were impressed with how easy they are to work with and how much time they saved us.

Form A Drain and Footings
Pouring Walls
Now we have a good size finished basement that adds space and value to our home.  It was a ton of work but needed to be done.  We're definitely glad this part of our reno. is over with. 
Later on my brother came from Canada and helped us frame since he does that for a living.  In a couple of days (it rained the whole time) he and a few friends who pitched in had it built and saved us so much time and money!  

Building the walls.
Working in the mess of a yard.

So now we are finishing the interior of the addition. We'll be pouring the basement floor soon and doing all the electrical and HVAC next.  There is still lots of work to do but it's nothing compared to what it took to get to this point.
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  1. Renos are always WORK. Looks like you bit off a big job.

    In case you're trying to figure out who I am - I have a brother named Jim F. down in your neck of the woods.


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