Friday, July 23, 2010

Kids Rooms

This is a fun project that I am working on right now. This is Avril's room before we started, and here are a few photos of where we are at now. We started last year and are working in stages to complete it. It has been fun working with her-she's a bright, creative and artistic little girl who loves birds, art and collecting all kinds of things!
We made a bird silhouette for her wall and then painted her closets with the same color.
The mirrors were a gift from her grandma, so to make them less busy and work better in her room we sprayed them grey, painted and reattached just a couple of the butterflies.
The furniture is going to be rearranged to accommodate a reading area and one of the closets is going to be housing a desk and some organization for art supplies, homework and collections. In a couple of weeks we will finish up this room and then move on to her brother, Drew's room. There we are starting from scratch so I will keep you up to date with the final results of this room and some ideas I have for his.
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