Friday, July 23, 2010

House Tour

Main Floor

Well, here we have the view that greeted you inside. What a mess.
I do love the staircase though, as it is original to the house and over 100 years old.

Yuck, right? Someone lived like this? Thankfully nothing from this kitchen remains-there still isn't much of a kitchen at all, but I would rather that then this mess.
The house had a strange layout that we completely changed to make it larger and more efficient. It seemed like a maze, going from room to room to get anywhere but now it is open and brighter.

Here we are in the middle of moving walls around and straightening out the ceiling. Previous owners had removed some load bearing walls and anywhere there was a doorway they decided it would be OK to skip adding a header.
Where we could we reused any of the old lumber to build and I think I even caught my frugal, money saving, waste nothing father in law pounding some of the old nails straight and using them again.

More construction.....
The view when you are standing in the living room looking towards the back of the house. It is all drywalled now and primed. Once we paint and add trim and doors I will add more pictures.
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